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Quote from attorney referring case: "This client needs someone to take this case to federal court and figure out all the issues."


The lawyers at Sherrets Bruno & Vogt, LLC are smart and determined. We enjoy digging deep into the facts and issues until we find what we need for our client. We have the nerve and the intellectual firepower to succeed. When we are engaged, the opposing counsel knows we will not just give up and walk away.

Our focus at Sherrets Bruno & Vogt is complex litigation; legal problems involving multiple issues, multiple jurisdictions, or multiple parties. We think of ourselves as extremely determined and extremely smart.

We are often hired to pursue appeals of cases tried by other counsel. Sometimes a fresh view of the case provides new insight on issues and facts. Our attorneys are skilled in analysis, writing, and oral advocacy, the skills necessary to present a strong, well-balanced appeal.

To learn more about our attorneys, review the profiles below.

For complex civil litigation, contact Sherrets Bruno & Vogt by phone, or e-mail them.

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