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Civil Litigation Lawyers

Firm OverviewOur focus is on high-dollar problems requiring advanced legal skills. The three principals of our firm are lawyers Jim Sherrets, Jason Bruno and Diana Vogt. These attorneys are the stars of the firm. Our star group and our rising star group of associates are all serious business litigators representing business interests, business people or businesses with substantial assets to protect.

A former client: "Thank you so much. I don't think anybody else could have done this."

Personalized Billing

Every case and every client is unique. We take some cases on a complete contingency basis under which the client pays only costs unless we are successful in obtaining a judgment for money for you.

Cases not appropriate for a contingent fee arrangement are billed on an hourly basis at the hourly rate of each attorney or paraprofessional working on the case.

We also handle some cases with a "hybrid" fee arrangement. The client is billed hourly until a previously agreed dollar amount is reached. After the cap on hourly bills is reached, the remainder of the work is done on a contingent basis with the client paying only costs unless we succeed. The contingency percentage the firm will receive in a hybrid case is usually a smaller percentage than if the entire case was done on a contingent basis.

For complex civil litigation, contact Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC by phone or e-mail them.

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