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Civil Litigation Appeals

Quote from Client after watching appellate argument: “Your opening argument was compelling, persuasive and deeply rooted in legal authority. You were thoroughly prepared and it showed. . . . You set forth the three requisite elements and proved each convincingly.”

“Your rebuttal was strong. You presented a practical, real world example personal to you and your home. . . . In sum, great work. Nicely, nicely done!”

We are often hired to pursue appeals of cases tried by other counsel. Sometimes a fresh view of the case provides new insight on issues and facts. Our attorneys are skilled in analysis writing, and oral advocacy, the skills necessary to present a strong, well-balanced appeal.

Some of the cases that our attorneys handled on appeal and obtained a reversal of the trial court include:

Breeden v. Anesthesia West, P.C., 265 Neb. 356, 656 N.W.2d 913 (2003) [This case expanded the law of vicarious responsibility, making an anesthesiologist responsible for the negligence of his entire team, a rule that previously applied only to surgeons.]

Selma Development LLC v. Tierone Bank, 285 Neb. 37, 825 N.W.2d 215 (2013)

Pamela Pflueger-James v. Pope Paul IV Institute, et al., 21 Neb. App. 635, 842 N.W.2d 184 (2014)

Watch arguments presented by some of our attorneys by using the link below and then fast forward until the case name set out in parentheses is called. The cases are listed in order under the video. You can also go to the link and listen to the audio by selecting “Listen.”

http://www.supremecourt.ne.gov/3290/video/sc/2012-09-06 (Huebert v. Walnut Acres consolidated cases.) Diana Vogt. Suit appealed on technical grounds regarding date of final order for purposes of appeal. Firm prevailed on issue that appeal was timely filed.
http://www.supremecourt.ne.gov/6744/video/coa/2013-01-25 (In re Guardianship of Giventer) Diana Vogt. Fast Ball Sports LLC v. Metropolitan Entertainment & Conv. Auth.) Jason Bruno.

http://www.supremecourt.ne.gov/5042/video/sc/2012-05-03 (Farmington Woods Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Glen Wolf and Rhonda Wolf ) Jason Bruno.

http://supremecourt.ne.gov/6839/video/sc/2012-10-10 (Selma Development LLC v. Tierone Bank) Diana Vogt; (Young v. Govier and Milone, LLP) James Sherrets

http://supremecourt.ne.gov/12411/video/coa/2014-06-18 (NRS v. Campisi) James Sherrets

http://supremecourt.ne.gov/10325/video/sc/2013-12-02 (Bruno v. Metropolitan Utilities District) Robert Sherrets

http://supremecourt.ne.gov/12611/video/coa/2014-07-09 (6224 Fontenelle Blvd., LLC v. Metropolitan Utilities District) Jason Bruno

http://supremecourt.ne.gov/11339/video/coa/2014-03-19 (Bruna v. Bradford & Coenen, LLC) Jason Bruno

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