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Major Tort Litigation Attorneys

When you or someone you know has been injured or damaged by unfair treatment, you may not know where to turn.  The attorneys at Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC are available to give you an honest, forthright assessment of whether you have a case and what you might be able to recover.  Some of the situations in which we have helped people include:

Wrongful Death: It is tragic when someone dies before their time.  It is doubly tragic when that death is caused by the intentional or negligent act of another person.  If the death of a close family member was caused by a person or corporation, let us evaluate your claim.  Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC was chosen to litigate all matters arising out of the Butwin family murder-suicide in Arizona.  James Butwin killed his wife (Yafit) and their three children.  Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC brought a wrongful death against James Butwin’s estate on behalf of Yafit Butwin’s mother and is seeking a constructive trust under Arizona Slayer’s Act to give Yafit’s mother’s judgment a priority over James’ other creditors.

Insurance Bad Faith:  If your insurance company has refused to honor a claim they may be liable to you for that failure.  Bad faith insurance claims handled by the attorneys at Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC include obtaining payment on a life insurance policy on which premiums had gone unpaid because of the company’s failure to send premium notices and suing an insurance company because policy exclusions violated the expectations of the policyholder.

Premises Liability:  These cases involve physical injury caused by a physical condition on the premises of a business or other property or an injury caused by the actions of a third party on the owner’s premises if the property owner should expect such an act to occur.  Cases such as this handled by Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC include recovery for injury caused by a movable partition in a restaurant falling on a patron’s foot and recovery for multiple injuries received by a woman who fell on a staircase in a hotel owned by a major national chain.

Governmental Subdivision Tort Claims:  If you have been injured by a condition caused by the state, county, or city or their employees, there are special rules and time tables that must be followed.  Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC obtained a multi-million dollar verdict in a case against the State and its contractor for improper construction of a temporary on-ramp.

Whistle blower claims:  Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC has represented clients against employers who fired an employee for exposing or refusing to participate in illegal activity.  In one case the firm obtained a settlement in excess of $300,000.00 for an employee who was terminated after reporting improper payment and classification of employees.

Medical Malpractice:  If you were injured by the actions of a doctor whose actions did not meet the appropriate “standard of care,” you may be able to bring suit under the Nebraska Hospital Medical Liability Act.  If you suffered injury as a result of medical treatment, the attorneys at Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC can help you determine if your injury was caused by a departure from the standard of care.

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