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Complex Litigation Attorneys

Taken from a court transcript: "Mr. Sherrets, I think I'll take judicial notice that if there's anybody that's aggressive, that they can make sure they get things - people to answer questions and to continue to question them - it's you."

As the judge recognized, the lawyers at Sherrets Bruno & Vogt are determined advocates for our clients. We are committed to pursuing complex civil litigation in state and federal courts. We are proud of our experience, our record of success, and our assertive, can-do attitude. Although we are a small firm, we frequently litigate cases successfully against much larger law firms.

Our slogan is derived from our practice: "Small firm access - big firm results."

Complex Litigation Attorneys

What does our slogan mean? It means that you will always know who is working on your case. At a large firm, much of the work on your case may be done by junior attorneys you never see and only designated attorneys will have information about your case. At Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC, there is free and open discussion and sharing of ideas on every case. At least two partners share ideas on each case, and you don't have to go through layers of people to reach an attorney.

Your Voice in the Courtroom

Attorneys at many other firms doing complex litigation assume that the end result will be a settlement. They have a settlement mindset. We have a trial mindset. Our attorneys take an aggressive, resolution-oriented approach to litigation. We have achieved many negotiated settlements favorable to our clients but we walk into the courtroom without fear.

Many of our clients come to us through personal referrals from former clients and other attorneys, often because the client is not satisfied by representation they are receiving at another firm. People talk about us because we stand out. People retain us because we are a strong, experienced voice in the courtroom.

For complex civil litigation, contact Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC by phone or e-mail.

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