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Real Property Litigation Lawyers

If you are engaged in a real property dispute, you need a litigator with special expertise in real property law. Real property law is made up of modern regulations and ancient common-law doctrines. You need a representative that understands how the regulations and doctrines overlap, what rule applies in your situation, and how best to achieve the result you want.

Our team has represented nearly every interest in real property: buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, lenders, condominium boards, landlords, commercial tenants, investors and contractors.

The nature of disputes handled by the attorneys at this firm include construction quality issues, environmental impact, easements, condemnation, inverse condemnation, eminent domain, restrictive covenant disputes, adverse possession, planning and zoning issues, specific performance and contractor liens.

What Our Client’s Say

Note from an SBV client: “Your appearance and presentation along with your responses were just fantastic!”

Real Property Litigators

Because of the depth and breadth of our litigation experience, we bring an extra element to our practice. Our lawyers are assertive advocates, good communicators, and inventive problem-solvers.

Bring your real property problem to us, and we will give you a candid assessment of the situation.

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